Hello, all. I’m sad to say that Bake Sale is now closed as I’ve moved to London for my husband’s job. We’ve had  a wonderful go of it, and enjoyed working with all of our clients, brides, and fellow vendors throughout Austin. It’s been a blast and I’ll miss working with you all. Please feel free to email me if you’d like recommendations for other wonderful bakers in ATX (there are so many), or follow along on my new international adventure over at This New View

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Months and months and months ago, Katie and I had her dessert bar menu all planned out. It was to be a Tex-Mex-themed sugar paradise with everything from churros to chipotle truffles. But when Katie learned she had a gluten allergy she feared we’d have to swap out her chosen items for something lesser. I was determined to keep the established game plan and toyed around in kitchen until we came up with equally delicious wheat-free recipes to stand in for the originals. I’m proud to say that each dulce de leche hand pie, Mexican wedding cookie, tres leches shot, and cinnamon churro was gluten free. No matter what happens, the fiesta must go on!

Be sure to check out more fabulous photos from Katie and Heather’s Mercury Hall wedding on The Nichols blog. The combination of papel picado flags, Cholula “thank-you” gifts, and colorful streamers (handmade by Katie!) make this one truly unforgettable. 




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We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, folks. Mockingbird Domestics, Loot Vintage Rentals, and Oh! Fox Vintage have teamed up as the ultimate triumvirate of vendors to host the cake walk of the season. In celebration of Mockingbird Domestics’ new wedding registry there will be cocktails, there will be cake walking, and there will be complimentary desserts from yours truly. Check out the details on the invitation (deigned by the fabulous Ana) below. We’d love to see you!


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When I first moved to Texas I had a tree in my backyard with funny little orange and yellow fruit, which I automatically assumed were inedible since I’d never seen them before. No sooner had I moved to a new house sans fruit-bearing trees did I learn that I had missed out on an entire season of delicious (and free!) loquats. Despite the name, these little guys have nothing in common with kumquats but rather taste like a more floral apricot. Variations of the plant can be found all over the globe and we’re pretty lucky to be one of the chosen locations. I’ve been hoping to get my hands on some this season and was thrilled to find that Forage Austin was on the hunt. Colleen dutifully searches local neighborhoods and forestlands for laden trees and brings them to lucky cooks like me. 

Loquats have a short shelf life once picked, so I immediately made jam out of the majority of our loot. I then tucked the remainder of the fruit into buttery hand pies topped with almond streusel. These hyper-local treats will be available for $25/dozen for a limited time only and can be ordered via email or telephone. Now I’m just tapping my food waiting for fig season…


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                    Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 4.36.46 PM

 *Limited “Treats for Mom” boxes, and assorted a la carte desserts will be available for pick-up the day of the event. Please send pre-order requests to andrea@bakesaleaustin.com to ensure availability. 

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Duchman Family Winery was host to the most recent NEAWP meeting, which Bake Sale had the pleasure of sponsoring. Along with Catering with a Twist, we created a custom menu to compliment the wines made on site. On the menu:

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta, Raspberry Compote, Thyme, Rosewater Meringues

Canto Felice

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Nougat Bites


Polenta Zaletti, Fennel Seed

Orange Moscatto


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Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with our limited edition menu items. Choose between frosted sugar cookies, cherry pop tarts, or a petite 3 1/2-inch  stack cake – perfectly sized for two, and made all the sweeter when paired with a glass of bubbly. Please email orders here.

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Jackie and Rob were married the day after Thanksgiving at Mercury Hall and, since most guests were presumably still stuffed with pie from the previous day, the couple opted to serve lighter, non-traditional wedding desserts. Craft Box Agency displayed our key lime pie cups, chocolate tamales, and classic coconut macaroons on a variety of fun rental pieces from Loot Vintage.

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