A few months back, I saw an email in my in box with the subject “Pirate Wedding” staring back at me. I hastily clicked it open and replied with my interest for fear some other lucky pastry soul would steal this gem. I love the rustic themes of late – the burlap and lace is always beautiful – but it’s the uber creative, somewhat oddball events that really kick our ovens in to high gear. Drew and Jeff got married in a very small, very intimate ceremony on a beach in Florida but wanted to celebrate back home with a blow out party that combined the location of their wedding with their hearty sense of humor. Celeste Quesada of Craft Box events decorated Austin’s perfectly eerie Scottish Rite Theater with sculls, netting, an other pirate ephemera. We loaded the dessert buffet with tree stump stands, treasure chests, a copper lamp, and an abundance of pirate-worthy treats. Among the sweets were key lime pie shooters, rum balls, toasted coconut cookies, and chocolate tamales piled in wooden chests. It took a great deal of will power to refrain from donning an eyepatch myself and slipping into the swashbuckling crowd as this was truly and event to remember.

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