A few months ago I was contacted by Rob McDonald, the culinary instructor at Travis High School, who found my name through the Chef’s Move to Schools program. He introduced me to his students and showed me around their amazing kitchen – a fully equipped set-up that is basically a mini culinary school aiming to teach kids an applicable trade. The elective program has been around for nearly a dozen years and is already a well-oiled machine. But Rob sees so much more potential in his space and his students. His vision is to create a school garden that will go hand in hand with his culinary program, provide kids with additional after school activities, and serve as a launch pad to promote a better understanding of healthy living. 

Despite the fact that I’m a baker by trade, I strongly believe that a treat is just that – meant as a small reward for special occasions. I’m a huge proponate of everything that Rob envisions and know that teaching kids the basics of healthy cooking and nutrition is the best way to bring about change. And if we can grow an awesome garden while doing it, so much the better!

But my expertise ends in the kitchen, so I called up Kerri from the Well Gro Co. to mastermind a plan of attack. Planting a garden and planning for upkeep can cost quite a bit, so Kerri decided to hit the ground running with this GATHERing of vendors, which will serve as a fundraiser to support the future Travis High garden. Food, drink, flowers, Smilebooth, and sweets by yours truly will all be there for an evening of festivities!

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