Months and months and months ago, Katie and I had her dessert bar menu all planned out. It was to be a Tex-Mex-themed sugar paradise with everything from churros to chipotle truffles. But when Katie learned she had a gluten allergy she feared we’d have to swap out her chosen items for something lesser. I was determined to keep the established game plan and toyed around in kitchen until we came up with equally delicious wheat-free recipes to stand in for the originals. I’m proud to say that each dulce de leche hand pie, Mexican wedding cookie, tres leches shot, and cinnamon churro was gluten free. No matter what happens, the fiesta must go on!

Be sure to check out more fabulous photos from Katie and Heather’s Mercury Hall wedding on The Nichols blog. The combination of papel picado flags, Cholula “thank-you” gifts, and colorful streamers (handmade by Katie!) make this one truly unforgettable. 




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