This post has been a long time coming. Between fall wedding season and the upcoming holiday rush, I’ve been fairly lax on posts of late.  We’ll soon get back to your regularly scheduled programing full of dessert buffets and beautiful wedding treats, but first I want to share a little about my recent trip to New York. I fled north to visit friends, escape the August doldrums, and spend a few days learning from the crew at Momofuku Milk Bar. The “milk maids” as they call themselves run a tight ship pushing out unimaginable quantities of crack pie, compost cookies, and cereal milk for the people of New York and beyond. They graciously welcomed me into their enormous production kitchen and taught me some of their tricks of the trade while demonstrating some of the best kitchen teamwork I’ve ever seen. Despite being in a complete sugar tizzy, I used my off days to use the city as never-ending buffet – chowing down at Ippudo, Marea, Eataly, Roberta’s, Shake Shack and about a million little bakeries. These snapshots are just a few of the highlights. 

1. 100 QT stand mixers at the Milk Bar kitchen

2. Family meal with the Milk Maids (Family meal in a bakery production kitchen is virtually unheard of…these bakers really go above and beyond to take care of each other).

3. Matcha and Japanese candies at Kajitsu

4. Goodies at Buchon Bakery

5. Carbonated Coffee in Brooklyn

6. Halibut with nasturtium vinaigrette at ABC Kitchen

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