“Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness” ~Jane Austen

In the dead heat of summer (110 degrees in my car, people!) I tend to abandon my stovetop and oven, gravitating instead toward tangy Mexican paletas, cool fruit sorbets, and mint ice cream sandwiches. I also begin to daydream about the crisp autumn days ahead, filled with apple cider, scarves, and – most certainly – lots, and lots of pies.

As September sneaks up, it has come to my attention just how many brides want to replace traditional wedding cake with pie. Classic pies exude rustic charm, and fit beautifully in our Hill Country setting. But what many clients don’t realize is just how versatile pie can be when you think outside the crust.

If traditional is the name of the game, I love filling a whole table with whole, hand-made pies. Mix and match classic, and non-traditional flavors such as rosemary-blackberry, bourbon-pecan, or cheddar-apple for a surprising twist.

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Tarts are pie’s elegant cousins. Fill a flaky crust with lemon curd, or layer fresh figs into almond pastry cream as a refined pie alternative.

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While pies are almost always a home run at parties, they are not the easiest dessert to serve. To solve the slicing dilemma, try miniaturizing your favorite flavors. Apple pie in mason jars, blueberry hand pies, and key lime cookies are delicious hand-held options.

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