When I first moved to Texas I had a tree in my backyard with funny little orange and yellow fruit, which I automatically assumed were inedible since I’d never seen them before. No sooner had I moved to a new house sans fruit-bearing trees did I learn that I had missed out on an entire season of delicious (and free!) loquats. Despite the name, these little guys have nothing in common with kumquats but rather taste like a more floral apricot. Variations of the plant can be found all over the globe and we’re pretty lucky to be one of the chosen locations. I’ve been hoping to get my hands on some this season and was thrilled to find that Forage Austin was on the hunt. Colleen dutifully searches local neighborhoods and forestlands for laden trees and brings them to lucky cooks like me. 

Loquats have a short shelf life once picked, so I immediately made jam out of the majority of our loot. I then tucked the remainder of the fruit into buttery hand pies topped with almond streusel. These hyper-local treats will be available for $25/dozen for a limited time only and can be ordered via email or telephone. Now I’m just tapping my food waiting for fig season…


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