Always send thank-you notes. Make sure to RSVP on time. And never, ever show up empty handed. I may be old fashioned by following these rules so strictly, but when it comes to parties – especially weddings – I’ve found that decorum and gratitude are greatly appreciated by hosts and guests alike. Plus, I totally geek out on planning the perfect edible treats for my giftee to enjoy.

I emphasize edible treats simply because I know no one who shies away from them. That, and I don’t want to be the umpteenth person to bring a bottle of red, or show up with clashing home décor, or offer a potted plant requiring partial shade/misting/green tea supplements. Bite-size desserts are the perfect items to gift to your hostess, and to thank your guests. They even stand in for a traditional wedding cake for the budget-conscious bride.

Match your gift to the theme of the event, such as gingerbread caramels for a Christmas party, or pecan pralines for a Southern fete. I made cardamom butter cookies to fill the teacup below, and then tied them off with a tea-stained thank-you note – a darling trinket to take to a baby or bridal shower.

Tea Cup with Cookies

Fill small jars with homemade jam, lemon curd, or caramel sauce then decorate them with homemade or custom labeling. Package the sweet contents in tulip jars from weck for a fresh look.

Picture of Jams, Picture of Jars

For an inexpensive, and chic alternative, simply tuck cookies in creative DIY packaging. Wrap fresh-baked goodies with brown wax paper and baker’s twine for rustic simplicity, or go glam with hand-made paper and clear cellophane wrapping.

Cookies and PackagingPaper Cookie Wraps, Wax Paper Cookies

I could go on and on (and on) with edible gift ideas that run the gamut of creativity, but the point is – no matter what you bring – you’ll be making a lasting impression on someone who has done something kind for you in return. Do you bring gifts to parties, or offer gifts to guests? What are you favorite items to pass along to friends?

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  • Stuart Rubenstein

    Love your ideas on what to bring to an event. They look really good!!!



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